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Celebrating Collaborative Creations


Spend ample time prior to the solstice to prepare your intentions and dreams to hold in your heart. 


Feel free to consider the following questions as you prepare to ride the energies of the solstice:

  • Offer gratitude for the blessings, celebrations, playfulness, and delight you currently have in your life!  

  • How do you wish to celebrate life this season? How do you wish to bring blessings and light-heartedness to others?

  • Are you scheduling ample time for fun, happiness, and play?

  • What intentions do you wish to set for the remainder of the year that allow you to maintain a fresh, optimist outlook?

  • What dreams do you continue to empower and wish to bring to fruition?

  • What burdens or completions do you wish to release to make space and allow energy for the fun time you wish to schedule on a regular basis?

  • Check out my full blog post, Eternal Summer of the Soulfor additional detail.

  • We invite you to share your fun creations, drawings, paintings, songs, or favorite images or quotes of summer.

  • Join us here and submit yours for inclusion in the gallery!

The Summer Solstice offers a generous window of opportunity

to bring a sense of PLAYFULNESS to all areas of your life.


Let's celebrate the blessings that are ours to behold in the

fullness of the summer sun.  

Share your creations
and inspirations


Summer Creativity

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