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The inspiration for this International Women’s Day (#IWD) event arises from the desire to explore what it means to truly value and honor ourselves. As we honor and celebrate our uniqueness, worthiness, and value, we honor this inherent value in others. This awareness creates a ripple effect upon society as we build and cultivate honor and respect for all.

As more women cultivate and embrace this creative force within,

their self-confidence and self-worth naturally expand and bloom to exude qualities of true empowerment and virtuous growth. 

We gratefully take this opportunity to celebrate this special week with co-hosts Blanca Dominguez of Ecotourism of the Soul and Shawnna Donop of Let Earth Rise by inviting you to join us in the exploration of self-value.

~ We invite you to share YOUR reflections as you consider your answers to the questions below in the form of essays, audio recordings, videos, drawings, paintings, songs, or even relevant images that embody self-value

~ Join us here and submit yours for inclusion in our virtual studio!

Values in Bloom

Exploring Self-Value for Ourselves and Others

Share your creations
& inspirations


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What Does Self-Value Mean to You?

~ What are some ways in which you can value yourself?


~ Why is it important to value yourself?


~ Is it important to value others?


~ What actions can someone take right now to enhance their self-value and self-worth?

~ How can we support and empower others to enhance their own self-value?

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